Areas of Expertise:

commercial law

company law
real estate law
alternate dispute resolution
intellectual property law
media and entertainment law
banking law
contract review
legal drafting
CEO and Founder

Zeenat Beebeejaun (Founder/CEO/Managing Director)

Being the founder, CEO and Managing Director of Pearl Legal, Zeenat has international experience in commercial law and financial law, having done all of her legal studies in London, United Kingdom. Zeenat has acquired extensive knowledge on the UAE laws as well as the more niche areas being provided at Pearl Legal FZE such as Media & Entertainment law, Intellectual property and Banking Law.

Since she is doubly qualified having also previously acquired a Masters in Pharmacy degree from London, United Kingdom prior to her law degrees, Zeenat has the skill to go through all the legal queries that come her way in a diligent manner and to think outside the box thus finding the most potent solution for her clients.

In addition to the above, Zeenat is fluent in English and French which therefore enables her to advise a wide range of clients and being the founder of Pearl Legal FZE, she ensures that all her clients are being given first class legal advice throughout.

"Seeking legal advice and finding the right firm can be a daunting process and the team of lawyers at Pearl Legal have been carefully selected and trained to ensure that the clients feel secure from the very first point of contact with us"

Zeenat Beebeejaun

MRPharmS (London,UK) , GDL (London, UK),
LPC (London,UK),
LLM-Commercial Law (London, UK)